App Development

App Development, more specifically, Mobile Apps is one of the key sectors of growth within the technology field which covers a myriad of opportunities for individuals and businesses alike.

Serving as one of the primary connections between people and business, mobile phones play a leading role of everyday life around the world today, thanks in part to many of the advances in smartphone technology. Basically, a mobile phone or smartphone is nothing more than a miniature computer. Originally developed as communication devices, smartphones have literally evolved into a personal database of information and entertainment.


According to data supplied by Statista, beginning in January of 2018, there were approximately 3.7 billion individual mobile smartphone users around the world. More surprisingly and thanks to the combined technology, smartphones attributed to almost 50% of total internet usage worldwide. And that’s just the beginning as smartphone technology continues to improve and mobile phone usage increases. Make no mistake about it, as the numbers continue to rise, mobile phones could easily become the dominant source of internet usage.

tekware-banner-300x300Here’s what this means to you… Smartphones are designed to operate applications or Apps as they are called. Mobile Apps are basically software programs specifically designed to operate on familiar mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and others. As smartphone users increase, so will the demand and development of new Apps. Everything will eventually become more fluent, from personal needs, daily commerce and increased levels of business to business transactions.

Quite simply, the question is not who needs a mobile App, but who doesn’t have them?

As it turns out, mobile Apps are simply one of the best ways to perform many of the business transactions and functions taking place today. Apps are also an essential part of our day-to-day life. Whether it’s for information, entertainment or commerce, we all use various forms of Apps to help improve our lives.

There’s more. Not only is there an increased value in overall connectivity and convenience that mobile Apps provide, there’s also a noticeable efficiency from both a personal and business level. In other words, small, medium and large organizations are seeking to develop their own custom Apps.

The benefits of having a custom designed App are virtually endless, for both the business and the customer.

The bottom line here is this, what benefits can you provide for your business and customer by developing and launching your own mobile App? It’s all about improving your brand, improving access, strengthening customer loyalty, streamlining sales, ongoing customer communication, plus a whole lot more.