About Us

Welcome to TEKware Enterprises

TEKware works with small business owners on developing solutions through Software and App Development, APIs, WordPress, Plugins, and other associated Web Development services.

Who Are We

TEKware provides Software Development in Boise, Idaho and includes APP Development, WordPress, Plugins, along with other Web Development Services to fit the growing needs of small business entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

Our mission at TEKware Enterprises is helping small business owners to create solutions with innovation, creativity and ingenuity.

What We Do

Our Fundamental Process



When it comes to knowing your company operations, we pay close attention to the smallest details.
Before commencing the architecture of the software platform, we will sit down with you and listen to the issues and problems directly from your teams.



After we’ve figured out how we’ll arrange the software or app to meet your goals, we’ll create wireframes and an “editable” prototype so you can see exactly how the application will work before we construct it.



We start adding graphic components and colors to fit the appearance and feel of your business model when we’ve fully established the user experience. We create an editable model so you can get a feel for the program you’ll be using on a routine basis.



We’re now ready to begin the “backstage” work that brings the software application to reality. This encompasses both the front and back stages of development, as well as merging the two. We provide you access to our software program so you can monitor the progress in real time.



Monitoring is a continual process that begins with test automation and keeps going with live user acceptability testing throughout the startup phase.



This is the phase where your group has been instructed and the software has completed testing. Everything is ready and now is the time to release your software to its intended market.

Why Choose Us?

The web is filled with software development firms that promise to do it all for you—from coding to marketing. But not all web development firms are created equal! The problem is that the demand for software development and web development is high, and as a result, most companies are forced to cut corners in every aspect of their business, from hiring to marketing.

Our team continues to build on its combined years of development experience through the opportunities of working with small businesses who want a dependable web development firm that can deliver big-box outcomes at a reasonable cost.

Our team is continuously processing information which allows us to keep learning by introducing countless ideas and incorporating feedback to get the results we need.

Every business desires a process to efficiently operate their business and at the same time achieve the best ROI. We work with each client individually and introduce effective strategies that can make their project a success.

Our design concept is accomplished through a creative process with both the client and end-user in mind.

Maintaining a reliable line of communication and support plus a process for continued maintenance is a primary focus with our team.

Our Numbers

As we continue to grow, so do our numbers.

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Why not get your project off to a good start with us?

Do you want to increase the efficiency of your company? Do you have an app idea? Contact us now and we’ll walk you through the process and help you make your dream a reality!