TEKware is a Boise, Idaho based enterprise with global connections providing a variety of solutions in Web Development, WordPress Development, Plugin Development, App Development through Android and iOS, Enterprise Software Development, Integrated API’s, as well as other client-based services.

Since 2008, the TEKware team has enjoyed working and collaborating on a variety of opportunities, projects and solutions involving Web Development, Plugin Development, Software Development, and App Development projects within the domain of technology.

No type of business or organization today, whether it’s a small business enterprise, restaurant, healthcare facility, or even schools and learning institutions can survive without relying on advancements in technology. Quality software programs and applications operate in the background and run countless tasks which we take for granted. Without the use of certain customized software programs and mobile apps, many businesses and organizations would simply fall short of their expectations. There are numerous customized software applications which fill the void and assist in automating routine tasks, and in the end helps to create time saving opportunities which allow greater emphasis in solving more critical problems within an organization. Software development including mobile app development is the foundation and process that leads to researching, planning and creating standard software products. Much of the development and process will depend on a number of things such as individual needs and requirements, goals, scope of project and the number of tasks involved.

Working with TEKware offers solutions to your needs and allows you the opportunity to open the door to endless possibilities, options and services provided through technology.

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