Web Development

Web development is something that almost every business today will contemplate at some point in time. Web development is basically known as the process and creation of a website. From designing and creating simple HTML websites to more advanced and complicated sites using a host of software, services, integrated API’s, graphics and video.

Basic fundamentals of web development to meet your needs:

  • The planning, design and functionality of your website
  • Helping you to create the logic behind your business website (usability, user friendly, interaction, end goal, etc.)
  • Search Engine Optimization – Laying the foundation for SEO is a critical element when developing any website. Understanding search engine optimization is one thing, but implementing proper SEO techniques is vital to the success of your business online
  • Implementing the design of your website
  • Test of your website

TEKware wants you to be informed of the entire project and provides an easy solution to keep track of the web development process as a way to maintain key quality standards. And that’s just the beginning. TEKware realizes one of the most important aspects of web development is the ability to provide ongoing service, support and maintenance for its customers.