WordPress Vs Custom Website – Which is Better?


The advantages of WordPress website development are numerous. A website developed with this platform is free and open source, which allows anyone to create beautiful and strategic sites using plug-ins and themes.

While the option of choosing a WordPress website is easier, it is worth the experience to get a custom-built WordPress site for the amount of freedom and flexibility it offers. With WordPress, you can even change the look and feel of your site by adding your own design or modifying the default theme.

The downside of WordPress is that it can be vulnerable to hackers. This happens because hackers often take advantage of the time between security patches and new versions. Because of this, it’s important to keep your website updated regularly.

WordPress releases updates and patches frequently, which helps to prevent the possibility of hackers. Installing these updates is easy, but your time is money and hiring a web developer to manage ongoing updates and theme adjustments could prove beneficial, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Another downside of WordPress is that it could require a lot of manual work and expertise. There are countless plugins for WordPress that let you customize your website.

Some of these plug-ins include social media, contact forms, SEO, cache, sliders, and more. You can even use them to make your own social media networks, write blog posts, or post notifications and announcements to your customers. As a result, WordPress can be difficult to maintain, but you’ll also save a lot of money on web development.

However, the biggest advantage of WordPress is its flexibility. A custom-built WordPress website is more flexible and customizable and can be developed for much less versus the cost of a custom-built site on another platform.

You can add new features and functionality as needed, and you’ll be able to scale financially as your business grows. And with its modular design, upgrading to new systems is a breeze. In addition, WordPress can be easy to use, meaning that you don’t need a technical background to update it yourself.

Alternatively, one of the biggest benefits of a custom-built website is its security. A custom-built site is less susceptible to hackers than a WordPress website. A custom-built site is also easier to customize than a WordPress website, and the quality of the site itself can be higher, depending on your content.

Of course, a custom-built site can be a significantly higher investment for a small business, while you could benefit from the high-quality CMS provided by WordPress.

Custom-built websites are more expensive in general, but you can build them yourself using a variety of website builders online. Although, if using WordPress, you’ll have the capability to customize a website with drag and drop building blocks.

You can also customize your pages and posts. For example, you can add new pages to your WordPress website by accessing the menu in My Sites – Site – Page. You can also choose to customize a page with a template or start with a blank canvas.

WordPress websites are cheaper and can be customized to your specifications. If you want your website to be featured, you may want to consider WordPress instead. A customized WordPress website will not only be more attractive to your visitors, but it will be easier to maintain and manage.

The best part is that the platform WordPress is free to use. When choosing WordPress, you also have the ability to add almost any type of functionality possible, which often makes the choice even more inviting.

Now, a custom-built site usually requires additional time to build a site, and it can be more difficult to customize in the future. Additionally, a customized site may not be easy to maintain and update, which means that it will require additional pricing. Added to that, you’ll be limiting your options by choosing a developer with experience and expertise in website development.

The advantages and disadvantages of custom websites are many, no matter is it’s WordPress or custom-built. Keep in mind, not every business has its own development team, so a WordPress developer can handle the design and development. This way, you can focus on content and leave the visual technical effects to the experts.

Regardless of your needs or budget, choosing a business website with the WordPress platform might be the perfect solution to help meet your needs and fit in with your branding and identity.